is a stormy water simulation that whips a small water ball back and forth inside a glass container involved using the new Vellum Fluid Simulation type from SideFX Houdini.


This new tool allows for the combination of different Vellum Simulation types to create a realistic interaction between the water and the soft body of the waterball.


The first step was to create a container and add water to it. Then, the Vellum Fluid Simulation type was used to add movement and turbulence to the water. 

Next, the Vellum Soft Body Simulation type was used to create the movement of the waterball  and add realistic interaction with the water to it.

By combining the Vellum Fluid and Vellum Soft Body Simulation types, the water and ball were able to interact with each other in a more natural and realistic way.

Finally, the lighting and texturing were added to enhance the overall look and feel of the simulation.


The new Vellum Fluid Simulation type from SideFX Houdini provided a powerful new tool for creating stunning water simulations with realistic interactions that were previously impossible to achieve.

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